How to Add Bullet and Numbered List in Ghost

Ghost is a CMS that has a very simple, yet modern editor. Codenamed Koenig, the editor of Ghost is Markdown-based instead of HTML like, for instance, Gutenberg — the default editor of WordPress. The Ghost editor comes with minimum formatting options to format text. When you highlight a certain text with the aim of formatting it, you will find very minimum options. There is no option to add a bulled and numbered list like Gutenberg.

So, what if you want to add a bullet or numbered list on your blog post? Basic Markdown knowledge is required to do so.

As mentioned above, Koenig is a Markdown-based editor. Markdown itself is a markup language just like HTML, but way lighter. Medium is another example of blogging tool that uses Markdown on its editor other than Ghost.

You can use the following syntaxes to add a bullet and numbered list in Ghost.

Bullet List*[SPACE]list item
Numbered list1.[SPACE]list item

If you want to add a sub-list to a list item on a bullet list, you can insert raw Markdown to your content. You can use the following syntax to add a sub-list.

*[SPACE]list item

In addition to bullet and numbered list, it also requires Markdown syntaxes to add specific formatting other than the default formatting options offered by Ghost. Here some syntaxes to add specific formatting in Ghost.

Inline Code`text`

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