How to Disable Membership in Ghost

Ghost is a CMS designed to be a simple, yet professional blogging tool. With Ghost, you are urged to create paid content by adopting a membership business model. In regard to this, Ghost already has a built-in membership feature to make it easier for you to create a membership website. Also, it has native integration support with Stripe for the payment processing. But as a user, you have options to disable the features you don’t need. Including the membership feature.

You want to disable the membership feature as you might want to use Ghost merely as a publishing tool.

The membership feature itself is enabled by default. Anyone who visits your website is able to subscribe to your website via subscription form which will appear when they click the subscription button on the bottom-right corner.

If you want none of your visitors to be able to subscribe, you can simply disable the membership feature. To do so, login to your Ghost dashboard ( Once logged in, click the gear icon to open the settings screen. Once the Settings screen opens, click the Membership menu.

On the Subscription access section, set to Nobody option. This will disable the membership feature on your Ghost. Make sure to click the Save button on top-right corner to apply the change.

After disabling the membership feature, the subscribe button will not be displayed on your website.

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