How to Install Google Search Console in Ghost

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmasters) is a mandatory tool for every website owner or webmaster. With the tool, you can learn the performance of your website on Google. You can check things like which pages of your site have been indexed, which pages have better search rankings, and so on. You can install Google Search Console on any CMS, including Ghost.

Ghost, as you have known, is available in two versions: the hosted version ( and the self-hosted version. Installing Google Search Console requires site ownership verification. You can choose the verification method according to where your Ghost website is hosted. If your Ghost website is hosted on and you subscribe to the Starter plan, you can verify the site ownership via domain name verification as this plan doesn’t allow you to edit the theme files.

This article will show you how to install Google Search Console in Ghost via the site ownership verification of domain verification as this method works no matter where you host your Ghost website or any plan you subscribe to.

Installing Google Search Console in Ghost

First off, visit the Google Search Console page and login with your account. Click the dropdown on the upper-left corner and select Add property.

On the appearing window, select the property type. We choose the URL prefix option in this example. We suggest you select this option too as it is easier to implement. Enter your site URL and click the Continue button.

Select a verification method. As mentioned, we will verify the site ownership via domain verification so you can select the Domain name provider option. Open the Domain name provider option and copy the TXT record.

Next, login to the client area where you bought the domain from. Select your domain and manage it. To do so, find a menu called Manage Domain or the similar menu one. This menu could also be represented by a gear icon.

Fine the DNS Management menu or a similar one.

Add a new record by clicking the Add New Record button.

On the Record Type field, set it to TXT and paste the TXT record you have just copied. Click the Add Record button.

Next, switch back to the Google Search Console tab and click the Verify button.

If everything goes well, you will see a green message telling you that the ownership has the verified. You can click GO TO PROPERTY to go to the Google Search Console dashboard.

If the verification failed, try again within minutes. DNS changes can take some time to apply.

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