How to Set Up Custom Domain in Ghost

Domain is the main identity of a website. It should be your priority to setup up a custom domain once you are done making the basic settings and customizations on your Ghost blog. When registering a new blog on, you are a given a sub-domain under the parent domain Ghost allows you to set up a custom domain to make your blog looks more professional (custom domain is also better for SEO).

It is important to note that doesn’t offer a domain registration service. Before setting up your custom domain, you need to have a domain first. You can buy a domain name from websites like Bluehost or Namecheap.

To set up a custom domain in Ghost, first, login to your Ghost dashboard. Once logged on, click the Ghost(Pro) menu on the left panel.

Next, open the Domain tab and click the Setup button.

Enter the domain name you want to use on the Domain field.

You will be given two DNS records to add to your domain.

To add the DNS records above, you need to login to the website where you bought the domain name from. Once logged in, select the domain you want to use and click the Manage Domain menu (or a similar menu). This menu could also be represented by a gear icon.

Click the DNS Management menu (or a similar menu).

Click the Add New Record button to add a new DNS record.

Enter the data provided by Ghost for the first record (CNAME). Click the Add Record button once done adding the data.

Add another record for the second record (the A record). You can do so by clicking the Add New Record button. Enter the record data just like the first record above.

If you get an error message on the activation process, you can leave the Domain field empty (see the screenshot above).

Once done adding the DNS records, you can switch back to the Ghost dashboard and click the Activate button to activate your domain.

Wait a moment until the activation process is done. If everything goes well, you should see a Continue button. You can click it to continue blogging.

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